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Coattails // Broods

So we’ll ride the coattails to the finish line
I don’t hear those church bells chime anymore
Cause I’m in love with this.

# iu

{ Rest in peace to the two talented and beautiful angels of Ladies’ Code, Rise and EunB. Two lives that were taken way too soon. The skies have called for your presence and I hope you watch over us well. This is just so heartbreaking and I hope we can all band together to get through this tragedy with steady hearts. }

blonde suits you well

5/9/2009; Happy f(5) anniversary!

"f(x) is a mathematic symbol and when you input different ‘x’ you can let different outcomes. So, as f(x), we want to be that kind of group that can change and adapt to many situations.”

# f(x)

Ladies’ Code (EunB Fancam)
Pretty! Pretty! [2014.08.07]

Joy's selca (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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